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Wir möchten mit Ihnen zwei Berichte über die Feier zum Schülertag teilen, die von Schülern des 1. Jahrgangs der Sekundarstufe D im Englischunterricht zusammen mit Patricia Andrada geschrieben wurden.

Compartimos con ustedes dos reseñas sobre el festejo del Día del Estudiante escritas por alumnas de 1º año D de Secundaria en la clase de inglés junto a Patricia Andrada.

On Monday 20th September we celebrated Student’s Day at school. We all were looking forward to it because there was a band of former students and they sang some songs. They looked very confident when the students were cheering them on. I was disappointed when the lyrics of the songs were wrong, but it’s okay because we asked him for songs that were not very easy. Some guys brought snacks to share. We also missed the Literature class because it was in the last period of school. The teachers danced and it was really fun to see them. It was very exciting and fun! It was a great day!

Kiara W.

On Monday 20th, we celebrated Student’s Day at school. In the seventh period the students from ES1 went to the centre of the running track, accompanied by the third and fifth year students, my brother and my sister among them. I was looking forward to the band of former students that would play in the picnic. When they started playing, everyone was so excited! They asked the audience to dance, but I couldn’t because I was eating vanilla biscuits. I didn’t like the songs they played very much, so I was a bit disappointed, but at least it was fun to watch the teachers dancing. We couldn’t stop cheering! At some point, the students from first year started running around the running track. Our train tour was a total disaster! We were totally out of sync!

Eloísa R.