On Wednesday 7th September we went to the presentation of projects at the Germania Hall. I wasn’t thrilled or looking forward to it because I thought it was going to be boring. But when the teachers began presenting their projects, they slowly started getting my attention. The first project was about the bridge in school that was going to be artistically intervened by everyone who joins this project. I obviously wanted to join it because I was going to be the only cool project. But surprisingly the next projects were also cool. Later on there was a project that immediately caught my attention. It was about making your own escape room, but I must have not realized that the project was for students from fourth to sixth grade. I was very upset about the fact that only these students could join this project. When we returned to our classroom, I wasn’t sure which project I was going to join in, because there were many interesting ones. I was also worried if there would be enough places for the cool projects. I was a bit disappointed and sad, because the projects start in one month.

I’m really looking forward to the project week and the Goethe Festival!

Maxime M. ES1D